Bhim Chulha


Surrounded by forests and mountains of Jharkhand province, the Palamu area is full of natural beauty and historical-mythological sites. Hussainabad subdivision’s Mohammedganj is also included in this area. This is where the legendary Bhima Stove is located. According to the legends, this is the same 5,000-year-old stove, on which Bhima used to make food during the Pandavas’ ignorance. This stove made of boulders on the banks of the Koyal river is a silent witness of the stoppage in Pandavas’ area. The famous Bhima Chulha is located near Mohammed Ganj Barrage. The tourists are happy to tour both places together as a tourist destination. The elephant discovered in the stone near the hill near the Bhim Chulha is also visible, which people worship as per their reverence. Dahir Bhartiya Rail line from Borwadi also passes through Bhim Stove.

How to reach

To visit Bhim Chulha, Daltonganj via Road and via Rail can also be reached, Mohammed Ganj Railway Station is nearby.

Photo Gallery

  • Bhim Chulha
  • Pond in Mohammadganj
  • Rock in the shape of elephant

How to Reach:

By Air

The nearest airport is Ranchi airport 258 kilometers away.

By Train

The nearest railway station is Muhammadganj(MDJ), 3 kilometers away from Bhim Chulha.

By Road

Nearest bus-stop is Hussainabad at the distance of 18 kilometers