Fishery Department

About the Department

Fisheries and aquaculture have emerged as one of the most promising sectors of food production. This sector is also important as it provides and fish protein locally and easily. This sector contributes significantly to national income, nutritional security, export earning and in fulfilling the various social objectives. Although compared to other sectors particular agriculture in terms of volume, that is very small yet, aquaculture and fisheries play a very important role in terms of food/ protein security, employment generation and poverty alleviation in rural areas of the state.

   Work of the department

  • Rearing Pond
  • Ved Vyash Awash
  • Departmental Spawn/Feed/Fry Catching Net Distribution
  • Fish Feed Distribution On Subsidy Basis Training for Seed Growers/Fish


Address – Nai Mohalla, Station Road, Medininagar, Palamu, Jharkhand, Pin No.- 822101

Email – fisheriesplm@gmail[dot]com

Help Line – 9934118880, 8051212183, 8340488482