About Department

Department of Industries, Mines and Geology are one of the important Department of Government of Jharkhand.It is the administrative Department of the Directorate of Mines and the Directorate of Geology. The main functions and activities of the Department are systematic survey and assessment of the mineral deposits of the State, their exploitation, administration of mines and mineral concession, enforcement measures for prevention of illegal mining and smuggling of minerals and assessment and collection of mining revenue. The Department strives for the sustainable development of mineral resources in a scientific and eco- friendly manner; so as to create a conducive environment for industrial growth in the state.

Work of Department in District

Accumulation of the minerals in the mineral emissions and the minerals which are being distributed, according to the development and parameters of the minerals found in Palamu district.

Mining lease

There are two types of minerals found in Palamu-

  1. Large Minerals: – Coal, Graphite, Limestone, Dolomite.
  2. Small mineral: – Under this, the acceptance of mining of stone sand, Mormon, Clay, Marble and other mineral is done through the block allotment by the Central Government through auction.

Small mineral mining lease, which is less than 5.00 hectare, is accepted by the District Commissioner of the district, but the government land more than 5.00 hectares of land which is done through the department through the auction of the auctioned auction.

Contacts :

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Phone No. – 9430142157 (Director Mines Ranchi), 7770858297 (District Mining Officer Palamu)

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