SP’s Message & Vision:

Shri Inderjit Mahatha SP Palamu

Sri Indrajit Mahatha (IPS )

The most basic function of the government is to provide a framework of law and order.

Dear law-abiding citizens of Palamu, this is indeed a golden opportunity to interact with you through this message. Palamu has been a town with its own long drawn history & cultural traditions. It is full of the bounty of nature & has the heritage of a glorious civilization.

But unfortunately, it has been facing security challenges for quite some time be it Naxal menace, land disputes to name a few. It’s now the right time for us to rise up to counter these challenges & rout the law offenders & felons.

The Police of Palamu is dedicated to serve the common man & to help them in moments of distress. It’s our constant endeavor to maintain law & order, curb crime, generate respect for the right of individual & basic inalienable human rights. Moreover, we assure you to provide a milieu of peace & tranquility to help lay a sound platform for development.

We have been on the right track & have achieved some success in our attempts toward enhanced security environ but still, we have miles to go. There is a desperate need of the hour that the police & common citizen join hands to combat criminals. In this direction we further need a ice breaking between the police & common man. The common man should consider police its friends & should not hesitate to share their problems. They shored share information about any possible security threat so that it can be neutralized at the earliest.

Remember together we can & we will make difference and I am sure that in the coming days Palamu will turn into a security paradigm to emulate.

For more information visit site –https://www.jhpolice.gov.in/palamu

List of Police stations in Palamu District
Sl No Police Station
1 Daltonganj Nagar
2 Lessliganj
3 Chainpur
4 Hussainabad
5 Mohammedganj
6 Hariharganj
7 Chatarpur
8 Rehla
9 Panki
10 Patan
11 Manatu
12 Daltonganj Sadar
13 Haider Nagar
14 Bishrampur
15 Tarhasi
16 Ramgarh
17 Pipratand
18 Pandu
19 Padwa
20 Nawdiha Bazar
21 Untari Road
22 Pipara
23 Nawa Jaipur
24 Nawa Bazar
25 SC/ST Thana
26 Mahila Thana
27 Satbarwa OP