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MEDINI RAY (1662-1674)

        Medini ray, the just, ruled for thirteen years from 1662 to 1674. This raja is, by far the most famous in the whole Chero line. He extended his sway over South Gaya and large parts of Hazaribagh and Surguja. He invaded and defeated the Maharaja of Chhotanagpur in his capital city of Doisa, now called Navaratragarh, 33 miles from Ranchi. With its spoils, he built on of the Palamau Forts (the lower fort) near modern Satberwa, which played so important a part in the subsequent history of the district. Medini ray’s memory has survived more for his justice than for his conquests. A popular Hindi couplet is even now current that “in the reign of Raja Medini Ray, no house was with out a churner and butter”. This must be attributed to the widely extended economic prosperity during his reign.

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        It is said he moved in disguise from house to house to see if any one was with out a cow or a buffalo. The wanting ones were given at least one on behalf of Raja Medini. He levied no tax on income. Once he thought of exacting at least a shell from each headman as his tribute. Each headman presented him a gold shell instead as he had not demanded anything before. It is a popular story that this was due to the good influence of his queen who bathed on the lotus in the pond and the lotus did not sink due to her sweetness. He loved his subjects as his own children. There was complete peace and prosperity during his reign. There are many stories about his kindness and good rule.