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Twin Tiger in the Park


Betla is situated at 25 km. away from Daltonganj, 70 km. from Latehar and 170 km. From Ranchi. It is well connected by Rail and Road. The nearest airport is Ranchi which is about 180 km. From Daltonganj and 195 km. From Betla and patna air port is about 250 kms. From Betla, the tourist headquarter of the Palamu Tiger Reserve. Daltonganj and Barwadih is an important Railway station where all trains have stoppage. Betla is most important tourist place of jharkhand having luxiuriant Sal and miscellaneous trees and bamboo forests. 226 sq. km. Of Betla forest has been declared as Betla National Park and 753 sq. km. Of forest has been declared as Palamu Sanctuary. The forest starts from Kechki and extended up to Neterhat. The forest has 970 species of identified plants, 174 species of birds, 39 species of Mammals, 180 species of Medicinal plants, besides reptiles and other species.



It is proposed to create a tourist complex at Barwadih. It has police station, post office, Market, Health facilities and block Headquarter.
     The main wild animals found are:-Tiger, Leopard, Elephant, India Gaur (Bison), Chitalor, Sambher, wild boar and sloth bear.

There are accommodation available in forest tourist cottages, Forest Rest House, Tourism deptt. Hotel and private hotels having well furnished facilities. Private jeeps, guides are available to go around the area. There are two elephants are available at Betla for tourist to get around the reserve to see the wild animals. Rupees 40/- per trip ( for two hours) for 4 persons are being charged. This is the main attraction for tourist.


Palamu Tiger Reserve is very rich in biodiversity and various wild life species have been included in Red data book of the I.U.C.N. (International union for Conservation of nature and neutral resources) and the appendices of C.I.T.E.S. (Convention on International trade in Endangered species of flora and fauna).


Besides there is Jharkhand State Tourism Devlopment Hotel ( Van Vihar) having 2 A.C. rooms, 1 Double bedded tree house, 7 deluxe rooms, 16 economy rooms, 4 three bedded Dormatry, 1 eight bedded dormatry, 2 five bedded dormatry and two other private hotels Debjani & Naihar , having 16 & 7 rooms respectively besides 2 dormatry of 10 bed & 5 bed capacity respectively.

Regulations within the Reserve :-

Following regulations are practiced :-

1. No entry after sunset & before sunrise. Night driving is prohibited in the reserve.

2. Pets, transistors, tape-recorder, stereos are not permitted.

3. No arms and ammunitions are allowed.

4. Carelessly throwing & leaving trash litter are strictly prohibited.

5. Candling fire in the forest is prohibited.

6. Fast driving (> 20 km. Per hour) & blowing of horn is strictly prohibited.

7. Shouting, teasing or chasing of animals are prohibited.

8. Hunting and fishing are strictly prohibited.

9. Staying in rest house without reservation are prohibited.

10. Use of flash camera to take a snap of wild animals are not allowed.

Interpretation & Conservation Education :- There is one Nature Interpretation Center (NIC), at Betla. This is an excellent creation, consists of reception, displays of models, Museum, Library and auditorium. This NIC remains open for the visitors daily from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm. Three staffs are deputed to take care of tourists & NIC. Two visitor’s book(1 VIP and 1 general) are maintained in NIC to get the visitor’s feed back & to access the no. of visitors. 16 mm films and videos film on wild life are also shown in the auditorium.